Climate Change Agreement extended until 2025

The UK government has confirmed that the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) scheme for businesses is to be extended until 2025. The popular Climate Change Agreement (CCA) offers high energy businesses tax breaks if they take steps to actively reduce their energy consumption. The government has now confirmed that this scheme will extend until March 2025.

The recent consultation indicated that the scheme was particularly effective in encouraging businesses to reduce their energy usage. Projections estimate approximately £300m of cost savings for companies who agree to sign up, while adding further reductions on 700,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

The Climate Change Agreement scheme sets targets for firms to reduce their energy consumption in order to receive discounts on the Climate Change Levy (CCL) charges on their energy bills once the savings targets are met. The CCA scheme is designed to provide further financial incentives for companies to invest in energy-saving or energy-monitoring equipment that can help to cut energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful carbon emissions.

The Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, states: “This extension will save businesses money while cutting emissions – a key element of our work to combat climate change in the months and years ahead.” The government revealed that “there was strong support from businesses and industry for continuation of the scheme.”

Some industry leaders are however worried about outdated energy savings or management systems, with technological advancements since 2018 resulting in previous systems no longer being best-in-class.

A modern, robust and best-in-class energy management system in the form of ClearVUE Systems has been successful in the industry. ClearVUE System’s energy hub develops cutting-edge commercial energy management systems and IoT hardware that help monitor energy consumption and reduce emissions.

ClearVUE Systems can provide remote, cloud-based Energy Software as a Service (eSaaS), allowing monitoring of consumption patterns through simplified but detailed analytics. ClearVUE Systems is designed to allow businesses to easily understand their energy data, eliminate energy wastage and save on energy costs.

A simple sign-up to ClearVUE Systems can give businesses instant access to 14 months of historic consumption data for all site(s) and meter(s). With a built-in pricing feature, it’s even possible to validate bills ahead of time by viewing current energy costs ahead of a monthly bill. This new technology can offer a non-invasive, 100% online service, or alternatively, provide robust, accurate hardware for more granular monitoring.

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