Huge recruitment drive, after further growth success

Northern Gas and Power (NGP) – part of Global Procurement Group (GPG) – is expanding across the UK, after further customer acquisition and uptake of its ground-breaking energy technology.

GPG, the global group which oversees NGP, recently posted revenue growth for 2018 of £29.6m and is heading towards £40m, having achieved compound annual growth over the last four years of 148%. Profit growth stands at 144%.

GPG, trading as NGP in the UK, was recently named the fastest growing company in northeast England by Ward Hadaway in the prestigious Fastest 50 awards.

This growth has led to the energy management specialist, headquartered on Gateshead Quays, ramping up its recruitment drive to source talented new people to further fuel UK expansion.

Roughly 200 sales agent roles will be created across the north of England; while a further 200 positions are to be created internationally across the three continents where GPG is based – Europe, Asia and America. In addition to recruiting for the best sales people, NGP is also recruiting web, software, engineering and technology experts to further build on the success of its energy monitoring and targeting systems and its price comparison sites.

NGP has outgrown its current premises on Gateshead Quays and will be moving into bigger premises around spring next year to accommodate this expansion.

Paul Barrett, NGP Operations Director, said: “We are currently in the process of another huge recruitment drive, which will see more than 200 jobs created across the UK and a further 200 globally, throughout 2020.

“Our unique offer to customers is a blend of the highest levels of energy consultancy knowledge, customer care, leading technological innovation and software engineering expertise.

“This means we are constantly acquiring customers who benefit from our intelligent procurement strategies and our energy management technology. We provide great energy pricing services and our unique technology helps our customers reduce consumption and their carbon footprint, and delivers clear visibility across their energy portfolios. This all adds up to an outstanding service which is helping future-proof our customers’ requirements in an ever-changing market.”

Also under the GPG global umbrella is Energies France, NGP Americas and ClearVUE Systems – the R&D technology lab, based in Malta and India. GPG manages over 29TWhs of energy for tens of thousands of customers across the globe.

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