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Celebrating Pride Month: Embracing Equality and Diversity at Global Procurement Group

At Global Procurement Group (GPG), fostering an environment of equality and diversity has always been at the heart of our community. And what better way…


Moving Forward: Embracing Movement for Mental Health 

Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Week, where this year’s theme—“Movement: Moving More for Our Mental Health”—celebrates the power of physical activity in enhancing our mental…


Welcoming Ramadan 2024

We at Global Procurement Group extend our warmest wishes to our observing Muslim colleagues this Ramadan, which began around March 10th and will be concluding…


GPG subsidiary ClearVUE.Business achieves ISO 27001 certification

Global Procurement Group subsidiary ClearVUE.Business was given ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, the global information security standard. ClearVUE.Business guides companies towards net zero by monitoring their emissions…


GPG finalists in Mid-Market Business of the Year category at Lloyds British Business Excellence Awards

Global Procurement Group have been announced as finalists for the Mid-Market Business of the Year category at the 2022 British Business Excellence Awards. The complete…


GPG Finalist in National Business Awards

Global Procurement Group (GPG) is shortlisted in Business Champion Awards, taking place in London on 23 March. The awards ceremony celebrating ‘the champions of British…


GPG drives innovation with new Chief Technology Officer

Global Procurement Group has appointed Ralph Attard as its new Chief Technology Officer.


Delaying Phase Out of Nuclear Reactors

The energy crisis is projected to prompt a change in nuclear energy legislation in Germany. Politicians are being lobbied to postpone the shutdown of nuclear…


Consistency in Management

Many of us, whether in private or public sectors, will recognise the differing leadership styles around us. Some of us may conclude that differences are…


Ban on EU Gas Import Contracts Expected to Remain

Despite Putin’s political games to sign long-term gas contracts, proposals to ban EU gas contracts are expected to remain. Reduced Russian gas supply into Europe…


Changes to the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)

Throughout this week, Ramnikh Kular, Energy Trader at NGP, will be commenting on five key policy changes affecting the energy industry. The energy crisis has…


Government Controlled European Strategic Gas Reserves

Throughout this week, Ramnikh Kular, Energy Trader at NGP, will be commenting on five key policy changes affecting the energy industry. Policy 1: Government Controlled…


Renew your enthusiasm this January

Thought Leadership from Learning and Development The January blues are all too common. We’ve all felt them. As we start the month, we’re reminded that…


The Balance between Performance and Wellbeing

Work-life balance. Burnout. Stress. Taking a break. Feeling the strain. Grinding it out. Can’t cope. Resilience. All the above are colloquial terms used frequently to…


Net Zero Jargon Buster

Net Zero Jargon Buster and their definitions There are a lot of terms relating to the climate crisis and net zero that people use but…

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