Global Procurement Group unites and consolidates a wealth of energy experience and expertise that spans Europe and Asia.

Global Procurement Group (GPG)

As a global entity GPG combines years of expertise and experience built on trusted business and supplier partnerships developed across global markets and sectors. It specialises in energy management and procurement and innovation of world-leading technologies to enable businesses to proactively manage future energy requirements, to cut costs, consumption and carbon emissions.


Northern Gas and Power (NGP)

Formed in 2012, it has experienced exponential growth year-on-year to become the UK’s largest business energy procurement specialist by volume and revenue. It is the largest company in the group, managing over 15TWhs of energy and tens of thousands of customers; and one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. NGP has become a nationally-recognised brand and a leading force in this sector, with numerous awards achieved in (and outside) the industry. 

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Business Energy Quotes

The most user-friendly, speedy, price comparison site available; it gives the user the ability to switch in a few clicks. It provides a comprehensive range of energy tariffs, simplifying life for micro businesses and SMEs, saving them valuable time and money.

We’ve developed our switching site to capitalise on the demand for simpler solutions. Our unique technology requires the most minimal information to tap into a comprehensive range of supplier rates, providing competitive costs across the whole of the market in seconds. Simple as that!

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Energies France

France is the largest deregulated energy market in Europe. Energies France’s core business provides procurement services and energy technologies to a diverse range of business consumers in the French energy market and we are now a market leader in this sector. We will continue to focus on expanding our procurement offer and tech innovation to capitalise on (and capture) this untapped and increasing demand by French business consumers for energy procurement and technology solutions. We will continue to invest in long term growth and anticipate our revenue will grow 100% year-on-year over the next 5 years.

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Malta & India

ClearVUE.Business & NGP Websmart

The technological arm of the group with a focus on breaking new ground in energy metering, monitoring and analysis technology. Based in Malta and India, we have developed powerful energy management software, agile, online pricing engines and intuitive internal reporting CRM systems. We have created next-gen hardware including; Cloud-connected IoT metering devices and one of the first non-intrusive load monitoring cloud-connected meters, setting a new standard in metering, monitoring, management and targeting (MMM&T).

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