We’ve been providing specialist energy management services for almost a decade.

Starting from the UK our reach is now global and we have firmly established ourselves as market-leading experts.

Our Story

We’ve grown from a small group of industry-leading energy procurement experts, into a group with global reach.

Who are GPG?

GPG is a group of companies that specialises in delivering energy services and technology globally. We provide expert advice to businesses internationally in the energy services sector and are leaders in the development of disruptive technologies in this field.

We have created our R&D Energy Lab based in India and Malta, which develops and deploys cutting-edge hardware and software innovation in energy management and energy price comparison engines.

GPG also have offices located in the UK, US and France and will continue to open new international markets.

Leading the Field

GPG and its group of companies manage over 29TWhs energy globally for our 10’s of 1000’s of clients. We provide expert and disciplined advice in procurement, energy services and technology, developing technologies which for the very first time transform how businesses use and manage their energy, as we move towards a low-carbon economy.

We are leading because we are driving new ideas with advancements in technologies in energy management to meet the demand facing us all, as we arrive at a new dawn in the energy sector, one driven by digitisation and humanities move towards a greener, cleaner carbon free world.

Culture and brand ethics

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything we do in our relationships with customers and our partners.

We’ve been working tirelessly to improve and develop our award-winning and market-leading quality and compliance standards that ensure the very highest levels of transparency. We’ve invested millions in people, software and data technologies to design and drive the most ethical practices, setting new standards across the marketplace.

We will continue to push the boundaries to create that sustainable energy future: a market place that is fairer and driven by ethics.

How we help

The depth of our expertise in the energy sector and culture of thought-leadership stretches across the globe: allowing us to be responsive to our partners’ efforts to reshape how the energy market operates, how energy services are delivered and how energy is utilised.

Alongside our partners, we are at the forefront of the drive towards a low-carbon, sustainable future economy, providing the vision and solutions for change whether that be energy regulation, compliance or energy reduction strategies.

Through our highly-skilled people we tailor advice that is reliable, informed and solutions-led, giving our customers greater insight over their energy management.

Our Awards