Welcome to Northern Gas and Power

It’s 2020. Companies around the world are stepping up. Workplaces are evolving to include modern methods which drive the best from their employees. Apple have an on-site health and wellness scheme for their employees to stay fit. Airbnb include a travel allowance for their employees to tour the world. And Northern Gas and Power give their employees the full month of December off, in addition to annual leave.

Northern Gas and Power are the UK division of Global Procurement Group, an international company specialising in the delivery of global energy services and technologies. Operating in five energy markets across three continents, the group handle over 42,000 meters from around 18,000 clients. The rapid progress lies in the compound annual growth over the last four years at 148%, with profit growth standing at an impressive 144%. It’s this type of success which means Northern Gas and Power have outgrown their past four offices – and now, with a global headcount of over 670 employees, it’s time to move again.
The biggest commercial project in North East England for the past five years, Northern Gas and Power will move into a state-of-the-art 30,000 square feet commercial property on the Gateshead waterfront. The purpose-built, six-storey building is known as RIGA. The new home of Northern Gas and Power, RIGA will house the majority of its UK staff as the group continues its expansion, planning to take global heads to over 1,200 by the end of 2021.
Northern Gas and Power’s vision focuses on the dynamism of its workforce with office environments of previous eras no longer meeting the demands of today’s generation of Northern Gas and Power staff. If you compare a mundane and colourless Post Office to an intense and lively Trading Floor, one evokes apathy and the other sparks activity. To spark activity, a modern company must integrate modern methods. And this is where Northern Gas and Power excel. A strong family-feel underpins this forward-thinking company; it incentivises high performance generously and offers more time for loved ones than most other companies throughout the UK. This is a workplace that has redefined the concept of Work-Life balance – a workplace where ‘Work’ and ‘Life’ are in harmony.

Northern Gas and Power have meticulously designed their offices in carefully curated locations to inspire its workforce. Offices are open plan, adorned with colourful symbolism, designed to drive the ambition, energy and excitement of its staff. The colours are specifically chosen for the emotions they evoke and form part of a full visual and auditory experience throughout the sales floors. Music plays at the start of the day to create an upbeat, energetic and positive environment. TVs across the floor transmit live business news, ensuring all staff are up to date on latest events on the market. Monitors across the floors show live data from wholesale energy markets to give staff the very latest figures to relay to clients. The floors are vibrant, animated and full of activity, allowing Northern Gas and Power to set a tone and culture that inspires winning behaviour.

More motivation comes with their substantial incentive packages. At any time, there might be an announcement of a cash incentive. And when the pressure hits the pinnacle, there’s a pop-up party right there on the office floor where staff can unwind and let off some steam. There are wellbeing spaces, chill-out areas, Zen-Zones, gaming centres, and the fresh ‘Feel Well Deli’, where staff will recharge, relax and refocus. Everything, from the sense of nature and contemplation provided by the ‘Living Wall’ and a variety of flora, to the ergonomic design of the office seating and furniture, is part of a highly considered and successful formula which consistently delivers sales and revenue.

This is a company that in 2019, exceeded its £1,000,000 budget for staff incentives, such was the performance of its team. Northern Gas and Power reward their team with quarterly events, all-expenses-paid holidays, mortgage pay-offs for high achievers, international company retreats and a famous annual conference. In addition to annual leave, all staff get the month of December off to spend with their friends and family once targets are met. It’s a balanced system of results and rewards.

Northern Gas and Power have created an unimaginable workplace culture that people may never experience elsewhere in their professional life. The company has already changed the lives of many people.

Northern Gas and Power are one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK and has been racking up scores of accolades throughout its journey to get there. They were named as the UK’s Energy Consultancy of the Year at the 2019 Energy Awards and ranked 4th in the Sunday Times’ HSBC International Track 200 League Table, which ranks the UK’s mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales. Northern Gas and Power were also titled Fastest Growing Large Business and Overall Fastest Growing Business in Ward Hadaway’s Fastest 50 Awards 2019, all very impressive.

Northern Gas and Power have created a prosperous model which has become self-affirming over time. Tellingly, its unorthodox approach is being mimicked at several competitors in an effort to replicate its success. But why have none succeeded? Perhaps it’s because Northern Gas and Power’s culture is organic, well-considered and genuine.