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We are a leading, global energy consultancy working across three continents. Our growing portfolio of energy assets currently stands at 29TWhs, across tens of thousands of customers. Gain access to our industry-leading experience and ground-breaking technology and an extensive and vast range of suppliers, partners and customers. Join one of the most successful energy networks across the globe, today.

Why work with us?

We are one of the fastest growing corporate energy consultancies globally.

We have achieved compound annual growth over the last four years of 148%. Our revenues reached £35 million for the year ended 2018 and are on track for a projected £44 million in 2019 and £62 million in 2020.

In 2016/17 the business employed 75 people, and by 2019 the number had reached 550. Today, through our network, our headcount is more than 1,000.

Our Energy Lab comprises over 100 senior data scientists and tech engineers and is developing world-first, next-gen, cloud-connected M&T technology; it will be at the heart of the IoT revolution. For the first time energy efficiency analysis is available at a low-cost and mass scale through Alpha.Lite, Energy Lab’s first release. This world-first software platform delivers deep insight into energy fundamentals; kW, kWh, kVA, Power Factor plus many others, within minutes of online sign-up and without the need for costly, intrusive hardware. We project 2,000 customers within the initial 12 months will begin to use the platform.

Ethics and Compliance

We deliver the highest standards of compliance across our business, holding platinum-level accreditations with international business energy suppliers, underpinned by award-winning training services.

We’ve invested millions in people, software and data technologies to design and drive the most ethical practices, setting new standards across the marketplace.

We will continue to push the boundaries to create that sustainable energy future: a market place that is fairer and driven by ethics.

Executive Vacancies

If you want to play an integral part in the future of the global energy sector then we can help make that happen. We are global experts in commercial energy management and services, with a world-leading energy training hub. Our companies based in Malta and India are developing the very latest innovations in global energy services. You can be part of all this and an integral part of the future energy economy.

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